Dxpedition fundrising

Dxpedition fundrising
Donate DXpedition or gift foundation

If you are not Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros or similar person – money for dxpedition can be a problem. Besides that dxpeditioner gives his time, effort, sometimes health to please armchair DX hunter, he needs funds to buy tickets, rent boat/ship/plaine, buy equipment, food, etc.

There are few ways to compensate at least part of DXpedition expenses. From “pay to play” before all expedition starts to “wait until you see effect”. I am  rather for the second one. It is a bit irritating to see all this mega dxpeditions asking for more and more money before they start expedition.

It is far fair to donate some money after you work dxpedition or after you see how they perform then pay before, just for promises. Also for me is strange that people gift foundations instead just donate directly expedition you like or appreciate. I do not understand why people give money to foundations – seems that they allow other people govern to whom give donation, who is nice, who is not… Probably sometimes is taxing system that prefers foundations but never the less I always like to evaluate where my money go.


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