One-man vs team operation

Case study:

One man or team dxpedition

I compare economic costs of small one-man dxpedition against team operation on example of VK9N.

During over 80 days VK9NK (one-man) made more then 42 000 QSOs. Similar result can be achived by group of 5 people during 14 days operation. VK9NK total expenses were 7000 Euro (without expenses for longer unforeseen stay and without cost of equipment).

Team of 5 persons will spent probably about 15000 Euro for 2 weeks. It seems that one-man is about 2 times more effective cost wise.

Few years ago ON4WW wanted to go alone to Bouvet Island for 3 month. I cheered to the echo his project although his goal 100 000 QSOs seems to be too ambitious. Here is his web site:

Unfortunately amateur radio community did not belive his idea. Instead of supporting his idea big foundations gave big money to team projects that were not successful.

Men think it over!

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