Rotten Dxing – behind the scenes

I am disappointed!

During dxpeditions one can see many violations of let’s say fair rules:

1. Many stations are using remote SDR either to listen or even to transmit to make contact with DXpedition. I am sure because sometimes QSO is made in impossible time

2. I noticed that few or several QSOs (under various callsigns) are made from one station (similar signal strength, similar signal distortion, similar prefix and time)

Even DXpeditions make fakes:

1. Sometimes they do not follow local restrictions about bands, power, modes and sometimes they think all is about CEPT rules which is not true – the license application is needed in some countries like ZA, 9H, Z6 etc…and in some countries there are restrictions about bands, modes, power (ie. E44 only 100W allowed) – but who cares…

2. Few well known Dxpeditioners make ie contact from Caribbean to other Caribbean entity on 160m band under their European home callsign. That is why I resigned in participation in eny Challenge, DXCC program, etc. Just to be clear – I do not cheat and I do not compete with cheaters.

3. Seems to me DXCC fellows put sometimes DX entity into DXCC list in doubtful conditions. Let me mention: OJ0, Z6, R1MV (Malyj Wysotskij), 1A0…

4. Operating without license or cheating. Famous W9WNV, 3W3RR, 3D2ZK, but also some other operations are not clear but accepted by DXCC desk (seems no money for Private Investigator at DXCC…J)

5. I know at least few dxpeditions deleting QSOs with persons they do not like. Is it Ham spirit?

Do you see solutions?  Please do not make personal tours. Just try to solve impossible.

Another question: why one should pay for achievement awards. Cannot DX foundations sponsor main awards. Buying an award is very strange for me. Imagine Olympic champions paying money for their medals…I know supporting Dxpeditions is more publicity but in my opinion DXpeditions to 3Y, BS, VP8, etc. should count on bank loans as for every commercial venture. It is their risk and their popularity. “No risk, no fun” – as is popular sentence in Poland. Donation should be given after successful finish of expedition. If nobody wants to take risk, there is always a chance that radio operator will be involved in scientific research expedition…

I think this topic is so controversial that soon can be closed by moderator. So only in kind arguments please.

BTW: Do you like QSL cards being logo display of various enterprises? I personally do not. And what about LotW? Where to show all the logos?